Good Friendships Can Get You Far.


This is the list of Friends of

(If you want to become one of our friends, please contact us HERE)

Hardcase Technologies:



One of our great friends, are the people over at Hardcase Technologies. They deliver the best solutions to all Handpan players as well as Makers. They deliver the best Hardcases and Armored Bags for Handpans.

Check them out HERE.

Isthmus Instruments:



The people over at Isthmus Instruments are good friends of ours. Owned and operated by Jenny Robinson, they build high quality hand-crafted handpans in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Isthmus Instruments builds their instruments with a long-standing dedication to sound quality and feel. They add that personal touch to their instruments and have great customer communication.

Check them out HERE.

Sylvain Paslier Music:



Sylvain Pasilier, the owner of the website, is one of our good friends. Sylvain is of French descent and has since the year 2005 been a part of the Handpan world. He is a very talented Handpan player and has performed internationally. He currently lives in the United States with his wife.

Check them out HERE.

Saraz Handpans:


One of our great friends are the people over at Saraz. Saraz is company that makes handpans and it is operated by a man named Mark Garner and is located in Asheville, NC, USA. Their handpans are adored by many and their quality is impressive.

Check them out HERE.


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