Music in Movies | Why is It so Important | The Evolution of Music in Movies

What effect does music have on a movie?


Well since the introduction of the Silent movies, music has been used as part of the storytelling process. Music creates a convincing atmosphere for the setting of the film, help in telling the story, and make audiences feel what the director wants to convey. These factors make the audience want more.



One of the most renown composers today is Hans Zimmer, and movie goers are familiar with his work on great films such as The Batman Trilogy, Amazing Spiderman 2, and Man of Steel, just to name a few. What makes him special is the way he manages to control the emotions of the movie viewers through music. His compositions are the best examples of how music can affect the mood and tone of the movie.


The Evolution of Music in Movies


In the early days of the movie industry, the films were silent. They were projected on a big screen and had a piano or string quartet to accompany the film. No two screening of the film was the same because there was no written score that came with the silent films. The musicians had to make the music up as the movie progresses.



Then in the 20s, filmmakers introduced films with sound. The house musicians were replaced with recorded music, along with the dialogues of the actors. It was during this era when a lot of musicals were made.


Over the years, the evolution of music in movies continued. After the musicals of the 20s came the Classical Scoring Technique, which is still used today. One of the most prolific classical scorers is John Williams. He is the one who is responsible for the iconic scoring of cinematic gems such as the Harry Potter series, and Star Wars franchise. In simplest terms, Classical Scoring Technique sounds like an orchestra are just playing throughout the movie. But when it is a happy scene, the music also sounds happy. When it is an intense scene, then the background music becomes intense as well.






At present, a lot of filmmakers use song scores. They realized that they are able to sell the theme song of the movie to a different market, which is the music industry. And that how soundtracks came to be. Movie scores started to be composed of songs, some were written specifically for the movie while some are not.


Movies Where Music Plays a Crucial Role



As you can see, music can change the perception of the audience. There are lots of movies that are unforgettable because of their use of music. Take for instance Interstellar. The movie score was composed by Hans Zimmer, and it displayed how music embraces the feeling and emotions of the characters that were part of the scene.



Another noteworthy score is that of the Fight Club that was composed and performed by The Dust Brothers. They collaborated with artists such as The Chemical Brothers, Beastie Boys, and Beck to shape the soundtrack’s edgy, underground tone. These are just two of the movies where music plays a crucial role.


Music is an important part of any movie. Imagine a movie that has no background music. Will you be able to finish it until the end? Our guess is no. That’s the importance of music. And as the evolution of music in movies continues, composers will try their best to come up with the right score for the film.


What are some of your favorite Movie Soundtracks or movie that has the best music included.

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