The Legend of Zelda and the Ocarina

The Legend of Zelda is the bestselling puzzle, role-playing, and action franchise for the Nintendo system. And for the record, it is one of Nintendo’s most popular and successful franchises, which sold out over 75 million copies just last year. The elements of fun in the game remain constant in every series, but in the Ocarina of Time, the musical instrument The Ocarina has been the core part of thisexciting game.


What Is Ocarina?


Ocarina is an Ancient Windmusical Instrument (or a type of a vessel flute). It belongs to one of the very old musical instruments, which is believed to date back more than 12,000 years. Nowadays, there are lots of Ocarina variations emerged, but the typical appearance of it is an enclosed space having 4 to 12 finger holes, as well as a mouthpiece, which projects from the body. Traditionally, it is made from a ceramic or a clay, but today, there are some materials used, including plastic, bone, metal, wood, glass, etc.



This musical instrument can effectively be equipped with any 3 available Cbuttons. Pressing the C-button, which is set to, the A and other 4 C-buttons could be used to yield different notes. The Z and R buttons, as well as the control stick, could be used to change the pitches of the note, having the exception of tilting its control stick right or left that causes the link to use a vibrato on the instrument, which doesn’t have any specific usage in-game.

Today, Ocarina music is very prominent, as it is already used on some of the most popular video games in the gaming industry. One of it is the action-adventure video game, The Legend of Zelda.

Ocarina on The Legend of Zelda


Ocarina Wind Instrument



The Legend of Zelda is a video game that is released for the Nintendo 64. It is first released in North America and Japan in November 1998, which is then followed by the release in the countries like Australia and Europe after the next month.

The Ocarina and its use in The Legend of Zelda has a perfect blend to take the game to the next level. In the Ocarina of Time, the player controls the loving character Link in the land of the Hyrule. Link sets out on a quest to stop the Ganondorf (the king of the tribe of Gerudo) from achieving the Triforce (the sacred relic, which grants the wish of whoever holds it). The character is traveling through time and then navigated different dungeons in order to awaken the sages. The sages have the power to seal away Ganondorf forever.

Music created by the Ocarina plays a significant role in the game. In order to progress the game, the character needs to utilize a song or play different types of Ocarina music. And in order to succeed, the player has to use the game controller to achieve the Ocarina music creation.  In the end, The Legend of Zelda was responsible for the increased interest in and in the sales of the musical instrument.

How to Buy a Ocarina

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